We have some new friends that we want to sell. Yeah, we sell our friends. Life sucks.
Anyway, we want to introduce you to them first, because they're really great people, except, they're plants. They're really great plant-people.
So, this is Alice, the Wonderplant, and Eve, the Pommegranate Magicplant. Alice is the cool one. She lives in her own wonderland and is constantly making new mini-Alices. Eve though is a bit of a bitch. No, in fact, she's a fucking goddess, who knows what she wants and what she doesn't want, and she wants you to read her mind and treat her accordingly.
Contact us, if you think that you want a new friend. We're happy to get rid of them. And, in all honesty, don't you also think you need them more than we do?
Alice: € 15
Eve: € 28
Alice the Wonderplant 15€
Is creating wonderland for you by getting mini-Alices all the time. 
Eve, the Pommegranate Magicplant 28€
Is a magical goddess that expects your attention and worship. 
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