PINC. ist keine durchschnittliche Kreativagentur. 
PINC ist Kunst, Fotografie, Design, 
und Unterstützung bei individuellem Wachstum. 
Meet the pinc. pimp: 
About the Piratess who is running PINC.Agency (basically on her own, even though she uses the word "we" as her description. but then again she collaborates with a lot of people all the time.):
Anna Schmitzberger is an artist, a traveler and an anthropologist. She was born and grew up 
in Salzburg, Austria. She moved to Berlin to study Graphic Design there, and after one year in Rome 
where she worked as a Photographer, she became self-employed in the field of Photography. 
Through that profession she visited countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, 
Egypt, Marokko, India, Australia, Cuba, Brasil, or Mexico. Today she is living and working 
in Vienna, where she is currently doing her Master's degree in the field of 
Social and Cultural Anthropology.
and her other website:

Past exhibitions:
selected saintings, group exhibition - Produzentengalerie Berlin, 2018 
Tarot - Hilfswerk Vienna 2018 

the pirate board - wheel2wall, 100 artists 100 styles, Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin 2017
Tarot – Alchemic Body Exhibition, Jorge Jurado Gallery Bogotà, Colombia 2017
Tarot – Anima Mundi Festival Venice 2017 
Kunstankauf Galerie Herr Leutner, Westbahnstraße Vienna 2016
relationships of place in photography - brunswick street gallery, Melbourne Australia 2014
click 2013 – brunswick street gallery, Melbourne Australia 2013
the religious thing - Bootshaus @ Spreeacker, Berlin 2012
square2-time – Cultural Association Einbaumöbel, Vienna 2012
HERE&THERE – Austrian Cultural Forum Rome, 2011

Photographer & Photojournalist:
Published by: magazine, Zenith Magazine, Apropos Straßenzeitung Salzburg,, Magazin Progress,,,,, cirkumfleks magazine,

Working for:,,,,
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